After each session, the upstairs seating area will be open for half an hour so you can have a chat and grab a snack or drink. 

Coffee/tea/hot choc £2, cakes £1.50 and icecreams £2. Hot dogs £2 (subject to availability)

Each session time will include some optional structured coach-led activities and free play on our Olympic-size gymnastics apparatus and inflatables, plus playing with our brand-new baby and toddler toys.

All children must have a supervising adult in the gymnastics hall. Maximum two children per adult, maximum two adults per child.

Babies up to 5 months are free and from 6 months onwards all children/babies are £5 per person, and adult entry is free.

Bookings are only in advance via the online website; no bookings are taken at the door.

Bookings are non-refundable